Cancellation Policy

Things come up, it’s to be expected that not all things will go as scheduled.  It’s perfectly fine to cancel your appointment or reschedule it.  Please try to give a 48-hour notice if you cannot make your appointment.  This allows me time to find potentially another client to take your place.  There is a cancellation policy in place if I cannot fill the appointment with less than a 48-hour notice.  Being one on one with you is a fantastic feature to offer, but the downside is that you are my sole source of income.  Therefore, as much as I don’t want to, you may be charged 50% of booked services without proper notice.  Please also keep in mind that I’m counting on what you booked, is what you’re getting done.  I planned the time and the products for you.  If you change your mind and lessen what you get done when you arrive, that cuts into my day, income and someone on the wait list. This is a cancellation of services last minute.  No-show clients may be charged up to 100% of booked services.  Sickness and illness are exempt, as are true emergencies.

Late Arrivals

Late arrivals in excess of 15 minutes may opt to have their services modified.  However, the full amount of booked services may still be charged.  If we need to reschedule any part of the appointment, the cancellation policy may go into affect.  Just to reiterate, you are my only source of income.  These policies are in place because I’m trying to preserve the business to withstand this economy and safeguard my livelihood.