Client Health & Sanitation, the “New Normal”

Thank you for being a loyal and supportive client of Tryanglez Salon. I value your belief in me, and I have always taken pride in caring for your health and safety concerns seriously.  The recent events of this crisis have changed the way each of us conduct our lives and carry out our daily routines. That’s no different here at the salon.  I want to walk you through the “New Normal” and the preparations I have made to ensure that your health and safety concerns are met to the best of my ability.  I also will share with you the steps I need you to take, so that we all work together to have the service experience you expect, in the most relaxed and nurturing way possible.   Please review this and let me know if you have any questions or if there are ideas or suggestions you have that can help me serve you and everyone I cherish here at Tryanglez Salon. Your care and comfort mean everything to me. Thank you for taking a moment to review this. I appreciate your patronage.

- If I am sick or displaying symptoms I will stay home to take care of myself and the environment.

- I will wear disposable gloves, when appropriate, and wear either a mask or face shield.

- I have always used an industry approved, hospital grade cleaner & disinfectant, but it is now EPA approved to kill the novel corona virus. I will use it for my equipment, tools and implements to disinfect in between each service. I will be following strict guidelines as part of my requirements to maintain my personal and salon licenses.

- I will wipe down seats, stations, nail table, door handles, restroom, front desk area and any area that comes into regular contact after every client.  I will use disposable items where possible and items that cannot be immersed in a disinfecting solution will be cleaned with an approved sanitizing agent for those tools.

- There will be new acrylic shields at the manicure table and the front desk area.

- Contact-less payment is available once your credit card information is in the system.  You will no longer need to bring your card with you, it will be on file.  You can still add a gratuity, although you will have to mention this before leaving so it can be processed on your card.  I am not afraid of cash or checks, they are still welcome.  Your receipt can be emailed to you as well.

-Your future appointments can be emailed to you to eliminate appointment cards, if desired.  You will also get text reminders ahead of time for your appointments.

- I will be open for longer hours to accommodate the amount of people that need to be rescheduled.  I will be starting the rescheduling process, (once I get a date for reopening), from the first cancellation to the last cancellation.  Those that have already booked for the entire year in January, your appointments will stand in the order they are. Rescheduled appointments will be worked around the standing appointments.  I will contact you, no need to do anything.  I have a list of cancellations and will work from it.  New appointments have also been added to the list, so if you called or messaged me during the shutdown.  Your place in the queue is saved.

- As advised, I am adding more time to appointments to help clean and sanitize the environment in between client visits.

- It is now a policy that before every service, I wash my hands in between each appointment and/or use hand sanitizer.

- I have passed 3 separate Health & Sanitation Tests with a score of 100% in order to work with you and provide you the service you expect from me.  Certifications will be displayed, as well as, a certification I took specifically for COVID-19.

- All products that you purchase here at the salon have been cleaned and sanitized prior to your purchase to ensure your safety.

- The salon has been deep cleaned and disinfected during the shutdown.

- There will be a disinfected metal bowl with disposal plastic for you to place your phone and keys in while you are here.  There will be alcohol swabs for you to sanitize your phone before your service begins.

We are all in this together. In order to serve you to the standards you are accustomed to, I ask that you work with me to help keep you and everyone in the business safe. Please support the salon with the following steps:

- Please come alone for your appointment.  I understand a 3 year old cannot drive if they are scheduled for a cut.  But please, no additional siblings, spouses or grandparents.  The idea is to keep as few of people in the salon as possible at 1 time.

- It is preferred that you wear your own mask; however, I will have them available as needed.  Please remember, I cannot do anything to your hair if your mask is tied or banded around your head.  It is unclear as of yet, if I will be able to trim beards and moustaches, facial waxing and paraffin treatments.  Ear loop masks are preferred for hair services.

-  ** TIP- Fashion tape and wig tape will work to eliminate all ear loop attachments.  I do advise in purchasing some if your ears start to hurt and for those getting shampooed or chemical treatments done.  These tapes are meant to stick to the skin and cloth, so it will stick to your face and mask.  If your ear loops get wet, it’s highly likely the water will travel to the rest of the mask.  I will have some available, if needed, for the comfort of your service.

- There are some options on services, depending on how you feel about being in the salon. (As of this writing, the state has not released any guidelines about how the covid-19 virus lingers in the salon.)  Other states that have opened have been suspending their blow-drying services, saying they “will not” do any blow-drying, you will be leaving with wet hair at their salons.  This thought, (or mandatory compliance) in their states, say that there won’t be germs flying around the salon with the blow dryer.  I am not convinced this is a necessary step, I will wait to see what the PA Board of Cosmetology has to say before I make any decisions.  However, if you feel safer, regardless of it being mandated or not, you are more than welcome to forgo the blow-drying and finishing step.  It will also get you out of the salon environment faster if you wish for a speedy service.  

- The same holds true for shampooing- some states are asking their clients to come with freshly shampooed hair, getting dry cuts and leaving the salon with minimal finishing.  Again, it gets you out faster, but with chemicals, you are going to need to be seated in the shampoo bowl anyway.  I can see that the gel insert may be eliminated, but the bowl is a hard surface that can be disinfected.

- When you arrive text me at 570-854-2316 to let me know you are here. (I do believe that there will be a dedicated number to text me curbside.  As of this writing, it is still in the works.)  Until health directives allow, I ask that you kindly wait in your car and I will call or text you when I am ready to serve you.

- Please wash your hands when you arrive and before you leave.  I will also have hand sanitizers at all the stations and stopping points within the salon.

- If you are sick or feel any symptoms of sickness, I ask that you reschedule your appointment with me after 14 days.

- I will have a touch free thermometer to scan your forehead upon arrival.  If your temperature is above 99, you will need to reschedule in 2 weeks.

-There may be waivers to sign upon entering the salon for insurance/liability & contact tracing purposes. (As of this writing, it is not clear if that will be mandatory or not.)

- Some things will be temporarily suspended such as handshakes & hugs, no food and drinks, (we will have masks on anyway), no magazines, books or newspapers, no candy dishes, no childrens toys, no testers or samples.

In closing, I’d just like to say from the heart, I appreciate your understanding and support during these difficult times, not only for me personally, but also for the salon.  Survival of the salon truly is in direct relationship with your patronage and purchases, without you, there is no salon.  I thank you in advance for believing in me and the salon. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything mentioned in this letter or my commitment to you with the cleanliness of the salon.  I truly am looking forward to seeing everyone and getting back to work and making everyone look human again~( post COVID 19!)

See you soon~