Website service prices are displayed and verbally quoted with credit card processing fees integrated into the price.  When paying by cash or check, there is a reduced price for not processing credit cards in (parentheses).

Express Dry Manicure- (45 minutes) Starting at $35+ ($33+)

Polish Change- (30 minutes) Starting at $23+ ($22+)

Paraffin Wax Hand Dip- (30 minutes) Starting at $23+ ($22+)

Natural Nail Repair- (20 minutes) Starting at $16/Nail ($15/Nail)

Gelish Soft Gel Full Coverage Tips- (1 ½ hours) Starting at $69+ ($66+)

OPI Gel Color- (1 hour) Starting at $46+ ($44+)

OPI Gel Color Removal Only- (1 hour) Starting at $46+ ($44+)

OPI Gel Manicure & Removal- (1 ½ hours) Starting at $69+ ($66+)

French Polish- (15 minutes) Starting at $12+ ($11+)

Spa Voesh Pedicure- (1 ½  hours) Starting at $69+ ($66+)

VOESH Pedicure products are vegan, gluten free, cruelty free & 6 formula free.  Each are

individually pre-packaged to maintain freshness &

aromatherapy benefits.  

Pedicures are not a substitute for podiatry care.

A salon pedicure is to enhance the beauty of already well maintained feet.