Have You Pre-Booked Your Appointments Yet?

Hello! Just wanted to update you on salon happenings.

My calendar is ready for 2021 appointments. Some already know and have taken advantage of booking for the entire year. It's nice for both of us to know when you are coming and not having to be squeezed for time trying to get in. With Covid, booking is a little different than it used to be. Plus, in the event there is another shut down, the ones on the books get to stay where you are booked, canceled appointments get worked around the standing appointments. Try it out, take a look at your calendar and schedule as far as you can ahead of time. Email me your choices and I will do my best to accommodate your choices.

The Covid practices we started with in May, are still in place. Masks, hand sanitizer, limited people in the salon, 1 at a time, cleaning in between people. I now have a little help with my new little green "spray it safe!" machine! It will sanitize and disinfect in 5 minutes and will kill Coronavirus. I use an EPA registered solution in my machine, 128 E-ffecticide.

A word about the Check-Ins... The check-in texts will also continue throughout the Winter. Just a reminder... Pressing "Y" to check in, "Yes you're Checked In" doesn't mean to Come In. It is to notify me that you are here, by telling me you've "checked in". Please stay waiting in your vehicle for my signal to enter. I will send a separate text saying it's all clear to come in, that I'm ready for you. I know it's inconvenient, but for right now, I'd like to continue to use it for everyone's protection. I am usually very timely with my appointments and they are booked down to the minute. Please don't come early, you can't come in if someone else is still in the salon, I most likely will not be able to take you earlier than your scheduled time, you'll just be waiting in your car. Please keep that in mind as we head into colder weather.

Thank you for reading my newsletter, complying with the rules, for not pushing back about following the rules and letting me know when you're not feeling well. I appreciate the time you take to update my contact tracing records and letting me take your temp every single time you come in. As of this writing, I have not had to turn anyone away with a temperature, so I again, thank you. You are doing a great job Tryanglez Salon Client Community!

Until next time... Stay Safe and Covid Free!