Such as corrective color, drastic color changes, hair product and chlorine build up removal

Extra Styling Time or Cut Time- $10/15 Min.

Extra Product or Perm- $10/Application

Where applicable, some services are priced by the hour based on $40- $60/HR.

Prices for color retouch are approximate guidelines based on monthly frequency; consistent with no more than 1/2”-3/4” growth.

Prices may vary per person & per appointment, even for the same person, if your situation changes.  Variances include, but are not limited to: condition, re-growth, thickness, length & style.

VOESH Pedicure products are vegan, gluten free, cruelty free & 6 formula free.  Each are

individually prepackaged to maintain freshness &

aromatherapy benefits.  

Pedicures are not a substitute for podiatry care.

A salon pedicure is to enhance the beauty of already well maintained feet.

There is a 6-8 week wait for an appointment. I do not take walk ins, appointments only; and I don’t do “squeeze ins”.

I do have a cancellation list. The cancellation list works by a first on, first off basis.  If the timing doesn’t fit, it will be offered to the next in line.