One name - you can trust!

Meet my beautiful new line of hair care products.  I loved them enough to give them my name.

 That’s right!

These are my very own products made with prestige formulations of Biomineral Technology including, quinoa, pumpkin seed and silk proteins.

Biomineral technology uses natural mineral sources plus botanical plant based protein catalysts to deliver hair that is soft, strong and resilient.  Within each product is a selection of minerals and protein catalysts designed to achieve that product’s specific results.

No, I did not take night courses to get a chemistry degree and I certainly did not whip these up in  my bathtub!

What I did do was go right to a major manufacturer who works behind the scenes with many of the top brands in the industry and carefully selected formulas that I was proud to call my own.

Plus, these products are made in the USA, NOT tested on animals and the bottles are recyclable.

These products will not be seen in any retail store other than mine!  There is no diversion, the formulations are always true and are backed by me.  

Must have, always deliver lineup of products with phenomenal performance, feel and fragrance.

Stop in and ask for your free samples of this fabulous new line, made exclusively for Tryanglez Salon!